Hey, Y’all!

My name is Raven Kÿe and I am a Social Psychology Student at Arizona State University. My academic interests rest in the Film and Entertainment Industry, exploring film, fashion, and music. I am a Mommy to a beautiful, sweet baby girl and a wife to a loving husband.

Through my YouTube videos and everyday life, I highly encourage young, female, non-traditional students of color to be ambitious, achieve, strive, and to craft their most desired and authentic lives. I strongly believe you can be an ambitious woman while also engaging in a flourishing marriage and excelling in young-motherhood (if that is what you desire, of course).

I stand for living your most authentic life and being true to the passion of your highest form. I encourage you to go out into the World and experience life. Figure out what makes your eyes sparkle and find a way to make that your life’s work.

There is an underrepresentation of scholarly women of color. Through my vlogs and short documentaries, I strive to inspire hope and shine a light on a unique perspective within the socioeconomically disadvantaged community. I am here to show you that women can, indeed, have it all.

In short, my mission is to inspire.